“I have always wanted to make a difference to the lives of others in need”

Meet Jessie! She’s been volunteering with the Fundraising & Communications Team at Roundabout since the start of April. She comes in once a week for a few hours to help with any jobs that need doing, from admin work to researching news about homelessness to share on social media. She has also helped us at fundraising events, such as the Yorkshire Half Marathon and our Sleep Out. We interviewed her to find out more…

Tell us more about you!
Hi, I’m Jessie, and I am 20 years old. I have just finished my second year studying English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. In my spare time I enjoy reading, although I already do quite a lot of that with my degree too! I also love to bake sweet treats for my housemates – my favourite so far has been a batch of Oreo cupcakes.

What made you want to volunteer?
I wanted to volunteer because I have always wanted to make a difference to the lives of others in need. I have done some volunteering in the past and I hope to work for a charity in the future, so I wanted to gain some more experience.

Why did you choose Roundabout?
I first met Ruth, Roundabout’s Fundraising & Communications Manager, at a charity-based networking event at my University. Her role sounded really interesting and it seemed like just the kind of thing I wanted to learn more about! Roundabout came across as a great organisation where I’d not only be able to learn a lot about a local charity, but also be able to give back to the community I am living in during my time in Sheffield.

What do you feel you have learned so far by volunteering for Roundabout?
I have learned a lot about the details and efforts that go into fundraising, from research and communications, to putting on events.

Are there certain elements that you enjoy more than others?
I think my favourite part of my role so far has been the social media and communications aspect, as I love to see the direct difference that social media can make to fundraising and raising awareness. I think this is something that holds great potential and I would love to get more involved with in the future.

What are you going on to do next?
I still have a year left to finish of my degree, during which time I will continue volunteering at Roundabout. Beyond my studies, I hope to go on to work in a charity, although I’m not sure exactly what or where that will take me yet – but I definitely want to stay in Yorkshire!


Want to get involved?
We have several opportunities to volunteer at Roundabout! To volunteer in our charity shop on Union St near the Peace Gardens, please email Quintina (qcrozier@roundaboutltd.org).
To get involved and help the fundraising team like Jessie, please email Ruth (fundraising@roundaboutltd.org).