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Katie’s Story…

Katie* arrived in Sheffield in difficult circumstances. She came with her partner, Rob*, and her two young children after fleeing severe domestic abuse from a former partner in another city. She had experienced terrible violence and psychological abuse and finally had to escape for her own safety.

She was forced to leave her family, friends and job to come to Sheffield where she had no connections. Although she knew this was the safest option, the huge upheaval in her life was also very overwhelming for Katie, whose confidence was very low. She signed up for a private rental property and was referred to Roundabout’s Supporting Tenants Team by her new health visitor.

Supporting Tenants is a project that supports young people living in their own home. The service works across the whole of Sheffield and supports people living in council, housing association and private rented accommodation.

Young people who are referred to the service are allocated a Support Worker who works with the young person to help them with any issues they may have, ranging from support with benefit claims to support with finding local facilities in their area. Supporting Tenants works in partnership with young people to provide the level of support necessary for them to maintain their own tenancies and empowers them to continue this once they leave Roundabout’s service.

If you or someone you know would like help from  Supporting Tenants, download their referral form here.

Despite her harrowing experiences, Katie was determined to make a fresh start and to create a safe, stable home for her family. Katie and Rob were supported by Roundabout’s Supporting Tenants in various ways. They received help with applying for white goods for their new home, made sure their finances were in order and the support encouraged Rob to investigate local job opportunities through employment agencies.

Roundabout’s Support Worker helped the family register with local health and children’s services, including a local nursery where Katie got to know some other young mums. She started to go to the park with them and attend community events, which made her feel less isolated.

Her daughter had some behavioural issues, so Katie asked for some support with handling this and was referred into the local services. Katie also sought support for her own mental and physical health, which had been neglected in the previous few years. As she developed confidence, Katie began to look at returning to work and was supported to draft her CV and practice her interview skills.

Katie had a worrying setback, when her former partner tried to trace her, but she was assisted by the police to maintain her safety and protect the family. She was able to get back on track and continue her good progress.

When Katie closed support with Roundabout, she was feeling much more stable, confident and was finally feeling safe and settled starting a new life with her family.

We are delighted with her progress and wish Katie and her family all the best for her future.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.