Rach's Story

Rach’s Story…

Rach became homeless in 1997 and moved into Roundabout’s hostel on an emergency basis. She lived there for 6 months until November 1997 and recalls how safe she felt there – she doesn’t remember ever feeling scared or frightened. She then moved to a different property for a few months and then to somewhere on Sharrow Lane, where she lived with a young woman who she is still in contact with today, 20 years later!

Although she already had basic skills like cooking and cleaning, Rach says the support provided by her Support Worker, Charlotte, was essential in teaching her to budget and live independently. Charlotte assisted Rach in applying for a council property and helped her to furnish her new home.

“Although I was well able to cook and clean for myself when I moved to the project, I was supported by Charlotte to understand budgeting and to apply for a council property. Once I had gained a property, Charlotte helped me claim a Community Care Grant that furnished my home.”

Charlotte has worked for Roundabout in various roles since 1989. Currently, she is the Manager of our Supporting Tenants team, who provide support for young people in their own properties. Young people can refer themselves to receive help from this service – click here for more information.

Since leaving Roundabout, Rach says she has spent her life working to help vulnerable people. In 2014 she qualified as a Social Worker and in September 2017 will be starting a Masters in Advanced Social Work Practice. Like those who work at Roundabout, she now supports vulnerable young people and wants to give something back after she herself was helped during her time of need.

“Throughout the years I have always wondered how my life would have been different if the Homeless Department had placed me somewhere other than Roundabout. I suppose I will never know, but I have always been grateful that I was given a place with you.”

She says that she “always felt safe and supported” by all the workers at Roundabout, and they helped her to reform her life.

“Thanks guys. You will never be forgotten.”