Sam’s Story

I was 15 years old when I lost my Dad.  I was in shock. I couldn’t stay in the house he died in for long so still went to school. I carried on studying and sat my GCSE exams a few months after his death.

I had to leave my dad’s house so I left to stay with a friend and I turned to drinking and self harming. My friend turned nasty toward me after a while, she beat me up nearly breaking my nose and jaw and giving me a black eye.

Eventually my mum got somewhere else to live, a different house to where we had lived as a family before with my dad. I moved back in with my mum and started my first year at college.

After a few months living with my mum we started to argue a lot so I packed my bags and left again.

I went from one homeless hostel to another for three years, which I found very difficult. Eventually I got my own place. Now I have a home to call my own I feel a lot happier in myself!

Roundabout Supporting Tenants helped me maintain my tenancy by encouraging me to budget my income, help with my bills and being generally supportive.  

I volunteer my time as a Peer Educator at Roundabout; the project aims to prevent youth homelessness happening in the first place by visiting schools across Sheffield. I love helping out with the project – I feel like we definitely make a difference!

I also volunteer at a youth group 3 evenings a week with adults with disabilities. I am now looking to the future, I’m looking for work and I have just started my training to become a youth worker.