365 Donation Challenge

20 Dec 2016

The 365 Challenge is a really easy way to support Roundabout by saving pennies every day and make a donation of £667.95 at the end of the year.

That would be enough to pay for all the furniture in a flat for a young person, or buy breakfast for all the young people in our hostel for a year!

You save pennies each day for 365 days of the year. On day one you start by putting in 1p, then each day you add 1p to the previous day’s amount, so day two is 2p, day 50 is 50p and so on.

On day 365, you will have a grand total of £667.95.

We suggest starting on 1st January, but you can start the challenge at any time.

How do I collect the money?

You can choose to use a jar and simply add your pennies in each day. Alternatively, you might choose to put it directly in a bank account in which case you may want to do this weekly. Week one is 28p, week two is 77p. Or monthly: month one is £4.96, month two is £14.57, and so on. The charts show the daily, weekly and monthly totals.

You can also choose to mix up the weeks or months and choose random days/weeks/months. You can start from day 365 and do this in reverse.

There is no obligation to do each day. Stick what you can afford in – any donation will make a difference to the lives of the young people supported by Roundabout.

For the full guide, click here.

The guide will provide you with everything you need to take part in the 365 Donation Challenge. If you have any questions or would like to request some fundraising materials, please get in touch:

Call: 0114 253 6753
Email: fundraising@roundaboutltd.org