Hostel and Number 11


The hostel provides safe accommodation for 19 homeless single young people, aged 16 to 21 on an emergency and medium-stay basis. All bedrooms are single and en-suite with modern and comfortable furniture. Breakfast is provided for residents and there are facilities available to cook throughout the day.

The length of stay at the hostel is dependent on the needs of the individual, but can be up to 12 months.

Upon arriving at the hostel, residents are assigned a staff member called a ‘key worker’ who works with them. Together they then produce a ‘needs assessment’, which identifies where the young person might need support.

While at the hostel, residents are given multiple opportunities to learn life skills, increasing their independence. Volunteers visit the hostel and run fun activities, such as crafts, sports and cooking. If you are interested in volunteering your time to enhance the lives, experience and learning of residents please do get in touch.

Number 11

Adjacent to the hostel, Roundabout has 5 self-contained flats, providing a home for 8 young people.

Residents have the same ‘key work’ and support provision as residents in the core hostel, but they will have started or are working towards some form of education, training or employment.

The young people in these flats are working towards living independently and the flats are a ‘stepping stone’ to moving on and to their own tenancy, helping to break the cycle of homelessness.

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