Our Mediation Service is funded by Children in Need. Mediation helps people resolve problems and reach agreements that are better for everyone.

A Mediator is a neutral person who does not take sides in conflicts. Cheryl is Roundabout’s Mediator – she initially works with the young person and the family members independently of each other, to help both parties clearly determine the issues and explore possible outcomes acceptable to them. Then there is the opportunity for everyone to get together to discuss problems and negotiate outcomes.

The mediation process focuses on solutions and is led by the young person and their family, not the Mediator.

“I have been accessing help from mediation in order to help my relationship with my dad.  She has helped me to understand my dad’s side of things. She’s also helped me to understand why I react to him the way I have been. Since all this, our relationship has massively improved and the majority of our arguments have stopped. We now can sit and talk without arguing. This is all thanks to mediation.”

Download the self-referral form here or the referral form for professionals here.