Feedback from The Sheffield College

We have received some lovely feedback from The Sheffield College regarding the work carried out by our Homeless Prevention Service. Cheryl, Roundabout’s Mediator, has been holding sessions at the college. Carlton is our Homeless Prevention Advisor and he has provided support to various students who needed help and advice.

“On behalf of many of our students and staff here in Student Services at The Sheffield College I wanted to write and express our gratitude for the service that your staff have been able to provide during this academic year.

We have a number of students each year experiencing disrupted living situations and facing homelessness. Students are obviously very vulnerable at this time – aside from impact on their ability to achieve within learning there are serious implications for mental health and overall wellbeing. Our staff can support to some degree though are obviously limited with how much they can offer with external issues such as housing.

Having a specialist referral agency here on-site with professional, knowledgeable and dedicated staff has been a hugely important resource for us in supporting these students and helping them be successful on their courses. Cheryl’s expertise in helping families to work through issues and keep our students living in the family home and Carlton’s advice and guidance through the accommodation process has made a real difference for a significant number of students.

This partnership approach has been incredibly helpful and is much valued. We hope that this arrangement can continue into the coming academic year 2017-18 and benefit those vulnerable students that we know will be yet to come.”

Thank you to the college for writing such a lovely review of our service!

Roundabout also has a Peer Education Project, where young people who have once been homeless are trained to deliver sessions in schools. The lessons aim to raise awareness of youth homelessness, break down stereotypes, explore the reasons young people become homeless using real life stories and inform young people of local organisations that can help with problems at home.

If your school could benefit from Roundabout’s support through Advice, Mediation or Peer Education, you can call the Prevention Service on 0114 272 8424.